Hype! :: Eat Green Brainstorm

There are a lot of important issues that I value. Eating green is one of the things that has the greatest impact on my life. I realized how valuable a green leafy meal was after watch a documentary called “Forks over Knives.” The movie is based on a book called, “The China Study.” To put it briefly there is a misconception of what humans need to eat on a daily bases.


EAT GREEN! Under this umbrella stems a whole bunch of other important factors, like eating local, eating organic, watching your carbon footprint, healthy body and mind etc.

Here is a great picture to explain what the energy benefits are to eating green:


This is a great break down of what to eat in season. When shopping at local markets it’s easy to tell what’s in season because that’s all that’s being sold! But in a grocery store where foods are shipped from across country or out of the country so fruits and veggies are harvested all year round.

Great website resource:



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