ARCHETYPE Research: Chair Designers

Purves & Purves Design Shop

Materials: Cardboard, dirt, grass seeds

This design takes the idea of a picnic to a whole new level. Using the earth as a material and flat packing design as the foundation of the design the chair essentially grows into an object! The chair can be seen as an enviornmental commentary or just an alternative to traditional out door seating.

Jae Saejung Oh

Materials: Discarded plastic objects, wrapped in natural fiber material jute.

The materials are compiled into a pile of stuff around a chair form in order to highlight different themes of overconsumption and a lifestyle of abundance. The format pushes viewers to reconsider the ordinary and breathing new life into discarded objects.

David Graas

Materials: Corregated Cardboard

The designer uses tab and slot design to create a sturdy and functionable chair out of cardboard. I don’t think of cardboard being used for much more than packaging and making forts but this design makes it easy to see another used for the extra cardboard laying around after a move.


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